What We Do.

What does the future of food look like?
And how will we help create it?

Between our internal venture studio, G-Works, and our external venture capital arm, 301 INC, Gold Medal Ventures is purpose-built to answer these two critical questions.

We are focused on areas of the food value chain that are ripe for disruption, namely:

The Upstream Destabilization of Food

As the strain on our food supply rises from disruptions such as climate change, opportunities exist to reimagine huge categories like meat and dairy. We can bring our scale and expertise to create tastier, more affordable solutions that are highly incremental, better for consumers, and more sustainable for the environment.

The Fragmentation of the CPG Landscape

Historically, large companies have thrived by creating mass offerings, primarily sold through the grocery channel. Now, the retail landscape is fragmented and the consumer expectation of “for me” is growing across categories. As the definition, demographics, and needs of modern families continue to evolve, we need to evolve to serve personal food preferences at scale.

Tech-Enabled Convenience

Consumers have never rejected more convenience! Since the 1960s, the average US household has cut their cooking time in half, and food prepared outside the home has continued to rise. CPG was originally a solution to solve for convenience, but future solutions may not be products on a shelf. The continuous advancement of digital connectivity is unlocking next-level convenience in food, thus we are looking to new business models.

Looking Deeper

For a deeper look at how our focus areas are coming to life, check out the work happening in 301 INC and G-Works.

Venture Capital

Early stage investment in startup companies to help elevate them to the next level

Venture Studio

Bringing new ideas to life by pairing deep market research with tried-and-true talent